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Come and see a real live Selkie!
Come and watch the Selkie Show!
The front row of this performance is the splash zone.
Feel free to move if you feel uncomfortable!

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SELKIE! is a reimagining of an ancient Scottish myth brought to life through a modern day SeaWorld show. A nude, slimy Seal/Man hybrid performs as any trained Seal would, with two smiling women in wetsuits. 

Come onstage to feed him fish!
Watch him dance to kitschy pop anthems!
See how he batters his body against the floor!
Chasing the shiny ball to exhaustion!

Selkie's are shapeshifters by nature - a Seal under the sea, a human on land - and this Selkie wants to learn how to be human. As he finds his voice, he comes into the audience to ask all of the questions you wish he wouldn't ask.

Unifix Rebirth 18.12.16 By Aldo Ferrarello (3).JPG
Unifix Rebirth 18.12.16 By Aldo Ferrarello (9).JPG

Created by Craig Manson
Performers: Jen Hart & Caitlin Fairlie

Image credit: Aldo Ferrarello

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"A naked and uncomfortable hour... this takes the cause of animal rights into a new arena."


"Absolutely vicious... the naked, glittering prone form of Manson, with both feet tied up, draws a link between artist as performing Seal, and the cruelty of animals trained to entertain audiences at SeaWorld."

Exuent Magazine

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