Come and see a real-live Selkie!
Come and watch the Selkie show!
The front row of this show is the splash zone;
Feel free to move if you feel uncomfortable!

Selkie is a re-imagining of an ancient Scottish myth brought to life through a modern-day SeaWorld show. A nude, slimy seal/man hybrid performs flips and tricks alongside two smiling women in wetsuits. Come onstage to feed him fish; watch him dance to kitschy pop anthems; see him batter his body against the floor, chasing a shiny ball to near-exhaustion. Selkie's are shapeshifters by nature - a seal underwater, a human on land - this Selkie can speak and he wants to ask you the questions you wish he wouldn't ask. Watch him transform before your very eyes, becoming a new person based entirely on the people in the room.

Originally created for Into the New 2016, a festival of graduating artists of the Contemporary Performance Practice programme at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Selkie is a mythical monster come to life who raises questions about human honesty, morality and the ways we treat things which are different to us.

Selkie is very friendly and is available for club bookings and tours, get in touch for more info!

Photography by Aldo Cicerello