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GAYBOYS Main Image 2 RGB © Daniel Hughes
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Image credit: Daniel Hughes

Image credit: Daniel Hughes

"Two gay men are here to perform for your pleasure. They sigh, pout and flirt, caressing both each other and objects from corporations that claim to adore them. Is this simply an intimate session for these boys and their fans, or is there something more being consumed? Exhilarated and bewildered by what they are doing, the boys go through the motions, posing and selling themselves, trying to give you exactly what you want. But who is it all really for? Both the celebration and exploitation of queerness take centre stage in this cheeky exploration of contemporary gay male identity."

"A perky, chirpy, highly choreographed exploration of gay male identity."

Lyn Gardner

Winner of
The Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award

Created by Craig Manson

Performer & Collaborator: Conner Milliken

Producer: Stories Untold Productions

Lighting & Set Design: Megahertz

Production Manager: Louise Gregory

Sound Operation: Kacper Stefaniak

Photography & Marketing Media: Daniel Hughes

Dramaturg: Theo Seddon

Producer (2018-2022): Katy Dye

Darker Neon

"High camp, when stretched beyond breaking, exposes the joys and pains of queer experience. Loneliness, heartbreak, shame, self-objectification, all of them lurk just out of reach of the pulsing bright lights." 

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DIG21_Gayboys_photo Brian Hartley_7895_hi.jpg

Images by: Brian Hartley

DIG21_Gayboys_photo Brian Hartley_9662_hi.jpg
DIG21_Gayboys_photo Brian Hartley_7929_hi.jpg
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