Little girls, this seems to say

Never stop upon your way

As you're pretty, so be wise

Wolves may lurk in every guise

Now, as then, 'tis simple truth

Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth

WEREWOLF is a performance for clubs and cabarets that rips the piss out of misogyny, male dominance and straight people in club spaces. Using iconography from Little Red Riding Hood - an ironic nod to how this story is saturated in heterosexual culture as a cautionary tale - a man dressed as half Werewolf, half straight guy douchebag sings 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction three times to a woman in a red dress and blonde wig. With each performance of the song the Werewolf becomes more and more dog-like, barking, taking off his clothes, rubbing his genitals, until he is completely rabid and runs into the audience. The Werewolf is uncontrollable - he trips people up, knocks over their drinks, swipes their phones from their hands. At the end, the woman in red stops the music and reprimands the Werewolf for being a bad dog, screaming and tantruming until she is on the floor with rage and storms off. The Werewolf gathers his clothes sheepishly and leaves. 

This performance was created in 4 parts for the (F)Unnatural! residency in association with //BUZZCUT// and The Art School where Craig was commissioned to create 4 performances specifically for club nights. Grace Ward is featured as a co-performer.

Photography by Theo Seddon