Craig Manson (he/they) is a performance artist and performer based in Glasgow.


Since 2016 Craig has worked extensively within the UK's contemporary performance scene, presenting work that spans theatre, live art, dance, film, cabaret and club performance. His practice uses humour and movement to explore contemporary queer themes, often working in collaboration with other LGBTQIA+ artists to create exhilarating experiences for an audience.

His work is varied and can range from funny, riotous studio shows to slow, gentle performance actions. Some of the things he's remembered for are flopping around like a seal at a SeaWorld show in 'SELKIE!' (2016); crawling around wearing a bear mask giving people cuddles in 'BEAR!' (2017); dancing with all the conviction of a contemporary dancer but none of the training in 'The Memoirs of a Faghag' (2019); and deep throating a Starbucks cup in time with Grindr notifications in 'GAYBOYS' (2021).


These performances tend to be connected by a 'campness' resulting in work that is both tender and meaningful, but also ridiculous and silly. Craig is always attempting to expand and reimagine how we think about performance; its function, the divides between so-called 'high art' and 'mainstream' entertainment, and who it's all really for in the first place.

Craig has worked with numerous artists, venues and organisations including Tramway, The Southbank Centre, Dance International Glasgow, Centre For Contemporary Art, Platform, The Yard, National Theatre of Scotland, The Work Room, James Ley and Scottee.


Image credit: Francis J. Smith (@francis_j_smith)

Image credit: Thomas Abercromby