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Craig Manson (he/they) is a performer and artist based in Glasgow. Mainly working in live performance, Craig often uses humour and movement to explore contemporary themes relevant to the LGBTQIA+ community, even though he's straight. (lol just kidding). His work spans theatre, live art, dance, film, cabaret and club performance.


Image credit: Tiu Makkonen

2022_10_19_BuzzcutCCA_Hairy Beast_064.JPG

Image credit: Julia Bauer

Craig aims to make performance that's loud, bright, funny, complicated, weird and camp. He likes to explore complex themes through abstract mediums, and often communicates meaning through subtle details. When he makes a performance, he usually begins by creating physical images and building from there to see what happens, rather than working with narrative, characters or scripts (though he isn't opposed to this). His process as both a performer and maker is always collaborative.

"Manson is an artist with a stage presence... yet another great theatre maker."


They like to work collaboratively to create joyful and exhilarating experiences for an audience. Recently they were part of the Made in Scotland showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with 'GAYBOYS', made in collaboration with Conner Milliken. They regularly work with writer & comedian Theo Seddon, and artist & actress Agnes Evans-Forrest - most recently on Theo's theatrical horror-parody show 'Hairy Beast', which is currently in development.

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Image credit: Brian Hartley

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Image credit: Julia Bauer

Craig was born and raised in a town nobody's heard of called Wick in Caithness. When he was little he was obsessed with Lara Croft and gymnastics, which is where he thinks his love of movement comes from. In high school he put a lot of effort into Drama because it was the only subject he liked, and mainly skived his other classes. His teachers always said he had massive amounts of potential that he was wasting, which is still true to this day. He studied acting for a year in Inverness after school, and then moved to Glasgow to study contemporary performance. He's been working professionally as a performer for seven years.

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